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The TI-500E PLUS and TI-500 PLUS are NTEP approved digital indicators housed in a durable aluminum enclosure. They are equipped with an easy to read 0.6” LED display or baclit LCD display. Capable of powering up to 4-350 ohm load cells, this simple device can handle a multitude of functions. A full duplex RS-232 port can transmit data on demand or continuously to match the input requirements of a wide variety of peripheral devices including printers, remote displays and computers.

The setup and calibration parameters are shared with other TI series indicators for consistently easy and trouble free use and maintenance. The TI-500E PLUS is an upgrade to the reliable performance and value found in the TI-500E.

500 plus
500E Plus


Peak Hold can not be used in NTEP LFT applications

To activate this mode, F30 must be set to "5". This mode is used to indicate and hold the peak weight recorded during a specific process. The most common application is testing the breaking point of a part or assembly.

1. Push UNITS key to activate peak hold mode; the display briefly shows "HOLD" If the display does not show 0 then press the ZERO key.

2. Apply force to the piece -- the display indicates and holds the peak force applied

3. To reset the peak value to zero, press the ZERO key

4. To exit peak hold mode, press the UNITS key again; the display briefly shows "-HOLD"





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